We help you decide if you need treatment or instruction from a specialist.

Through personal interview, we will understand your needs and suggest whether you need assessment, treatment, or instruction from a specialist. Private consultation is usually a one-time service unless you request additional sessions, so you can try it out even if you are not sure whether you need professional service or not. During the private consultation, we will explain the benefits of using professional service and what you can do at home if you decide not to use professional service. If you go straight to meet a specialist, you may not be able to hear about alternative options or community services and you may feel guilty if you decide not to receive professional service from the specialist. We are here to offer a consulting room, which you can come in at ease.


  • My child is bilingual, but not fluent in English or Japanese
  • I'm struggling with communication skills
  • Reading or writing difficulty
  • Not sure what kind of community services are available
  • School recommended a speech-language therapy, but not sure why
  • Not comfortable to receive counseling
  • I don't understand the differences between different therapies
  • I might have a disability or syndrome
  • Seeking consultation about hiring individuals with disabilities

Private Consultation $60/hr

Approximately 1 hour(appointment needed)

  • If you make appointment in advance, a weekend session may be available.
  • You can take private consultation more than twice; however, please make another appointment on a different day.
  • Phone or video consultation is available for those who live far from our office, but in-person consultation is highly recommended.

Private consultation with a client or parents

  • If a total number of participants is less than three, a client and parents can attend together.
  • For a client who is younger than 6 years old, a parent or gurdian must be accompanied.
  • Parents can also consult with us without the child's attendance.