We will assist you with translation or explain terminologies to you.

We will help you communicate with a specialist in English if you only speak Japanese. We also explain reports from specialists, which contain many terminologies. Our goal is to minimize your struggles to express what you want or need in English and to understand the professional documents that require background knowledge. For example, if we translate Japanese-written assessment results or summarize it in English, specialists can understand your needs more efficiently. We can also help you summarize your points in an English letter, so the specialists can understand what you want or need more easily. In principle, we orally explain professional documents, but upon your request, we can also summarize it in a written form.


  • I received a copy of IEP, but I didn't understand what is written.
  • Cannot describe my child's problems and concerns well.
  • Not sure what my neurologist explained to me.
  • I need easy-to-understand explanation for my child's progress report.
  • I want to write a short letter that summarizes my child's characters and needs.

Intermediation $50~ *Prices vary by the contents. We will make free estimates upon your request.

Explanation of professional documents

Create letters to professionals

Accompanied translation or document translation

  • Clients do not have to sign up for a long-term contract.
  • Please feel free to request per case.
  • Estimate: English→Japanese $0.20/word Japanese→English $0.10/letter