We also offer other related services.

In addition to Private Consultation, Assessment, Intervention, Referral, and Intermediation, we offer other related services. Please see a list of sample related services below. If you have any other request, please feel free to let us know. We provide a wide range of services for both individual and group/corporate clients.


  • Behavior observation at school or work
  • Individual consultation or open house at school or work
  • Consultation regarding employees with disabilities
  • Staff training, seminar (available online)
  • Workshop or seminar for parents
  • Assistance with overseas visit or training
  • Introduction of professionals for interview, publication, etc.

Other Services

Prices vary by services provided. We will make free estimates upon your request.

  • If you make appointment in advance, a weekend session may be available.
  • Please let us know your concerns and requests. We will create a customized service proposal that responds to your needs at the best of our abilities.